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Auto ignition probe CX-6

Auto ignition probe CX are designed to measure high voltage the output of the ignition coils respectively of the secondary winding or secondary or power output (for high-voltage diode). Capacitive sensor can be used to capture high voltage waveforms, both conventional distributor ignition systems and on systems without distributor (DIS) - the fully electronic ignition systems. For the diagnosis of the secondary coil on plug systems (EFS / COP) is necessary use extension adapter coil on plug.

Use the diagnosis
Given the very high voltage (up to 40kV) that for secondary circuit typically not possible perform measurements directly connecting the output of the coil, as is the case with measurement of primary. Trying to such measurement could seriously endanger health technology and certainly would lead to the destruction of oscilloscope and computer. To measure Therefore, secondary use capacity and inductive sensor. Involvement pliers is simple. First of all involved ground clamp pliers the motor housing , then clipped with pliers Spark cable, or the extension adapter, connector clamp connects the BNC oscilloscope input , start the engine and measure can begin. Pliers features used to measure the ignition on one cylinder, for a test to secondary four-cylinder engine, it is necessary 4 used pliers and possibly 4 connection adapters.

Examples of use - Ignition systems:
- conventional spark systems (with distributor) 
- CIC (Coil in Cap) as GM HEI, Toyota, Honda, Nippondenso etc.
- DIS (no distributor) fully electronic ignition. With the extension, also EFS / COP

Package contents
Package includes:
1x Auto ignition probe CX-6


Warranty 2 years



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