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Current clamps CC 60A

Current clamps CC 60A are designed for alternating current and direct current measuring in frequency range from 40Hz to 20kHz. Thanks to divided magnetic circuit (clamp jaws) it is possible to clasp the measuring wire with no need of disconnecting or insulation infringement. The measured wire maximal diameter which the current clamps are able to clasp, is 9mm (hole 10mm). Measured voltage range is 10mA to 60A. The probe tip is of the BNC connector, enabling lossless connection to the oscilloscope. 

Use in diagnosis

Tests of the injection nozzles
Current clamps are mostly used in diagnosis of the injection nozzles of compression-ignition engines. The current probe enables measuring the amount of current which is needed for opening the injection nozzle. Depending on the injection system (PD, CR etc.) the current consumtion varies from 13A to 18A (approximate values). The clamps can be used for current measuring of all types of injection nozzles, which are opened by control unit.

Current consumption of the fuel pump

Standard current consumption of the fuel pump can vary from 1,5 to 2A, depending on the type of the pump. The current consumption can significantly rise if the line between relay and pump oxidize.


Warranty 2 years
Model Current clamps CC 60A


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