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Micsig tBook Mini TO1072 Plus

T107x series offers very attractive configuration for common laboratory measurements. 70Mhz Bandwith and 1GS/s REal Time Sampling (1CH mode) will satisfy many demanding electrotechnicians. T1070 series is offered in two models TO1072 and TO1074. Last digit in model name represents number of analog channels. TO1000 models signed with „A“ prefix are intended for use by a car mechanics. 

Big advantage of tablet oscilloscope Micsig tBook Mini is not only very compact form, which allows easy transportation, but also its easy handling and usability at every situation. New generation of table oscilloscopes tBook Mini allows to be used at many workspaces under different conditions. User of revolutionary Book is not bound to the workplace, laboratory nor the study, as it is with conventional stationary DSO. Easy portability and optional high capacity(up to 8000 mAh) Li-ion battery ad-on possibility allows the user to increase their effectivity in a variety of tasks.

Touch display

The touch screen is very intuitive and user-friendly. Capacitive multi-touch display offers touch gestures, which greatly accelerate the setting phase and makes the work with oscilloscope more effective. The speed of setting up desired parameters is significantly faster, compared to common DSO. Also, it's possible to plug classic pc mouse and thus to control the oscilloscope with utter elegance.

tBook TO1072 - Main features:

  • 70 MHz Bandwidth
  • 1GS/s real time sampling rate (Single channel 1GS/s, Dual channel 500MS/s)
  • Waveform capture rate: 130,000wfms/s (250,000wfms/s is optional)
  • 8 bit Vertical resolution
  • 14Mpts Memory Depth (90Mpts is optional)
  • 8G built-in storage, you can name the waveform (.csv;.wav;.bin + screenshots) by typing the soft keyboard
  • Record the waveform trend plot - Dynamic recording
  • 23 auto measurements, tap select and cancel the wanted type directly
  • Cursor measurements (Horizontal cursor, Vertical cursor, Cross cursor)
  • Zoom mode
  • Virtual keyboard
  • 8 inches TFT LCD touch screen (Capcitive screen)
  • Quick drag and zoom on touch screen
  • Unexpected operating response speed
  • Support USB Host for connecting U flash disk and mouse
  • 55mm and 1.3kg ultra-thin body, easy to take

Various interface

tBook has very compact dimensions, which provides space saving on work desk, but not at the expense of screen size. Supporting construction for stationary usage is rigid and provides maximal stability of the device on the place. After tilting, it's possible to put the device on the work desk or simply hold it in hands. tBook oscilloscopes bring brand new progressive tool into the world of measuring devices.


Oscilloscope also feature five ports. 2x USB Host/Device, 1x Ethernet (LAN), HDMI (Optional) and charging port. tBook also support the 802.11b standard (WiFi) that you can use to directly connect your wireless devices.

Package contents Package includes:
1x Micsig tBook TO1072
2x Passive Probe Set 
1x Power Adapter (European Standard)
1x Battery (in accordance with your configuration)
1x Carry strap
1x Screen mask
1x MicroUSB Data Cable (connect tBook with PC)
1x Quick Start
1x Safety Information
1x Calibration certificate
1x Packing List
1x Quick Guide


Warranty 3 years
Model TO1000


Micsig tBook Oscilloscope Quick Guide


Videos No
Pictures No


Manual No

Datasheet Micsig tBook Series

Software No


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